Crittenden Opera Studio

Richard Crittenden established The Crittenden Opera Studio in New York City to help aspiring opera singers learn and refine their craft and to prepare them for a professional operatic career.

The Crittenden Opera Studio holds classes in Washington, D.C. during the Fall and Spring terms. Please contact Richard Crittenden or Elizabeth Vrenios if you would like to audition for these classes.

Each summer a 2-week opera workshop is held. This session also contains a stage director's seminar.

Opera workshops and Master Classes have been given in other parts of the country in association with a sponsoring group.

Summer Opera Workshops are used to teach singers the necessary skills for the opera stage - acting, stage and rehearsal techniques; awareness of self, the music, and the drama; practical thought processes that enable singers to make artistic dramatic decisions.  SUMMER 2017:  Workshop will be July 23 - August 5 in Bethesda, Maryland.

Performance Practice Classes classes are used to work on preparing and performing music for opera auditions and performances, recitals, concerts, competitions and church performances.

Master Classes are used to spread information to interested groups and singers. Topics include: Preparing for a Career, Acting in Opera, Dramatic Musical Analysis, Building a Character, How to Audition Effectively, The Importance of Physicalizing Emotion, and Effective Staging for Opera.

Stage Directing Seminars are used to teach the basic concepts of stage direction in opera. Emphasis is on creating, blocking, stage and acting techniques, and working with singers.

For information about classes and workshops in Washington, D.C., contact Elizabeth Vrenios